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About Fronpy Bangladeshi Community Forum


Fronpy is online platform for Bangladeshi community to discuss any topics on this forum. It helps to measure public response about any national issue and to contribute on socity. There are a lot of online social media, but maximum of them are biosd  so we need a platform where we can talk free to each other.

Fronpy is publci forum,anyone can join in forum to discuss any issue. No matter what he is or where he from.We work to maximize social welfare and to help each other .


Our vison is to make such platform where all bangladeshi can stand on one platform to contribute on development of our motherland.Fronpy covers all issue on its forum and invide everyone to give his/her opinion on that topics. Fronpy not only for the bangladeshi who live in bangladesh,but also all bangladeshi around the world.


About Fronpy Enterprise


Fronpy forum is run by Fronpy Enterprise whis is registered business by Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Fronpy Enterprise registered as online business firm . Fronpy Enterprise working for online business development in Bangladesh and serving different online based services to home and adroad.






Have a nice time with fronpy family...